Data Collection

What makes the Strike Team’s method so successful is the cooperation and coordination of multiple stakeholders from both the public and private sector.  Please contact us for more information on joining this partnership!

This page offers resources for:

Collecting Data

Ideally, the occurrence of a target species should be documented by using NJ Invasives, our smartphone app.

Reporting Data Without Using New Jesery Invasives

To report data of target species to the Strike Team, please fill out the Data Submission Sheet.  Be sure to include all property information (on tab1 of the spreadsheet) and species information (on tab 2 of the spreadsheet).  Instructions and codes are included.

Please email the completed spreadsheet at any point during the field season, but before December 31, to be included in our annual report. Include with your data submission any property shapefiles (alternately, submit lots/blocks) you have and labeled photos of the observations (if available).

To report a casual or roadside observation, please complete our 'Report an Observation' form with as much detail as is available.

Data Submission Sheet

Pesticide Tracking

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulates the use of all pesticides, including herbicides, in NJ.  As required by the NJDEP Regulations 7:30-6.8, all pesticide applicators are required to keep a record of application containing the following information, unless it is an aquatic pesticide application, in which case a record shall be kept in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:30-9.3(j)

  • The date of application;
  • The place & site of application, namely the specific address, municipality and county;
  • The brand, active ingredients, and the EPA registration numbers of each pesticide utilized
  • The “recipe” used to mix the pesticide as required by the label (total amount of pesticide concentrate and total amount of diluent)
  • The total amount of pesticide mixture used for each individual application; how much glyphosate
  • The full name and pesticide applicator license number of the person making the application.

The Strike Team keeps track or our own applications, including those performed on partner properties and private lands.  If your organization is conducting pesticide applications on your own, we encourage you to maintain the appropriate records.  Please feel free to use our Pesticide Record Sheet, and modify for your own purposes.

Pesticide Application Record Sheet

Tracking in-kind time & contributions

In-kind contributions are critical to the success of the Strike Team.  We rely heavily on grant funding and are required to fulfill a certain level of match for every grant that we receive. Every hour or dollar a partner or volunteer contributes and records is essentially money for our organization!  Please submit the Level-of-Effort spreadsheet before December 31.

Level of Effort Tracking