Strike Team Personnel


Michael Van Clef, Ph.D.

Science Director

Mike is the owner of Ecological Solutions, LLC and serves the Strike Team as Science Director.  Mike has a Ph.D. in ecology from Rutgers University and over 20 years of experience in land stewardship, planning and research, working extensively in the evaluation and management of rare and invasive species.  He has consulted with over 30 organizations in NJ including the NJ Invasive Species Council for which he prepared the New Jersey Strategic Management Plan for Invasive Species.



Technical Advisory Committee

Thom Almendinger
Duke Farms
Plant Listing & Control Recommendations

Bruce Barbour
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Control Recommendations, Stakeholder Connections

Kerry Barringer
Flora of North America Association
Plant Listing

Jeanette Bowers-Altman
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife
Invertebrates (Aquatic)

Chris Doyle
SOLitude Lake Management
Plant Listing & Control Recommendations (Aquatic)

Art Gover
The Pennsylvania State University
Plant Listing & Control Recommendations

Larry Herrighty
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife

Mark Mayer
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Pests & Pathogens & Biological Control

Christopher Smith
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife

Robert Somes
New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife
Invertebrates (Terrestrial)