"Many hands make light work!"

Volunteers contribute widely to our mission -- from hiking trails in search of invasive species like Siebold's viburnum to launching a kayak to pull water chestnut from an otherwise pristine lake to manning a display at a community event to talk to members of the public about the trheats posed by invasive species. Each activity helps protect New Jersey's natural areas, public and private, from emerging invasive species.

The New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team works with volunteers throughout the state. Volunteers can work in multiple capacities and for field work will be connected to an organization working in their region. No experience is needed, training is provided.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please use the form below to register. Partners are encouraged to request volunteers for local projects. Please note details in "Notes" below.

If you are interested in stewardship work, we'll forward your volunteer form to a partner in your region who will then contact you.

Currently, the Strike Team and Our Partners are seeking:

Take your smart phone or tablet into your favorite natural area, then search for emerging invasive species and reporft the ones you find.

Join a group that is working on an invasive species eradication project or start a local Strike TEam in your community.

Assist with public outreach at community events. Table display & training provided. Most often these events take place on weekends.

Together, We Can Nip New Invaders in the Bud!

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers provide assistance with a number of important tasks. Some of these activities include:

  • Conducting field surveys using your smartphone
  • Eradicating invasives in the field
  • Helping at special events, such as our Annual Conference
  • Creating outreach materials (Invasive Species Fact Sheets, posters, etc.)
  • Working at outreach events, including serving as a Strike Team Ambassador at environmental fairs in your community
  • Providing office support (database work, correspondance, etc.)

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